Science Kits and Equipment

  • Each of these Science Kits contains full instructions, the science behind the experiment and lots of extension activities for even more fun. They also have nearly everything you need to do the main experiment. You just need to add a couple of everyday things like water, soda bottles or milk, depending on the kit.
  • Sarah the Scientist has developed some new Mini Science Kits. These are currently being rolled out on the website. Keep a look out! These kits are $3.00 each or two for $5.00. All these Mini Kits give you the chance to think like a scientist. Make a hypothesis (a science guess) and test it. What did you find out? Happy Experimenting from Dr Sarah Kenworthy.
  • Give your students an amazing hands-on science experience with minimum stress to you! A single kit can easily be extended to last all term with your students leading their own scientific investigations. The kits contain nearly everything you need to carry out several experiments with 30 students all getting hands-on. A handy table lets you see at a glance what resources you will need; most will be in your classroom already. The kits also contain detailed instructions, hints to make the lessons run smoothly, links to the NZ Curriculum and a 'Warning Science Content' section to help you understand the science behind the experiments you are teaching and so answer your student’s questions. To complete the kits there are several Black-line Master Worksheets for your students to document their experimental procedure, either individually, in groups or as a class. These kits have ideas to suit juniors and seniors and can be easily adapted for year 1 to year 8 students.
  • Science is even better if you have the right tools. Check out this category for some of my most useful, 'must have' science equipment.
  • Each Science Birthday Party Kit contains enough supplies for ten party goers. There are instructions and materials for three hands-on experiments. As well as lab coat design invitations and party bags for you to fill. Blow up the FREE GIANT BALLOON and tie it to your door or gate, so people know which house to come to.

If you want larger quantities of any of the above products contact Dr K at to discuss discount and availability.  Please note that the availability of all these products may depend on my suppliers.

If you need help sourcing other equipment or chemicals please e-mail me at  I may be able to help.  Not all my stock is listed here and I have gathered a long list of supplier over the years.